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PETAG Western Armenian Immersion Camp

Lorig Baronian, chairperson of PETAG Committee sits down with Tamar Chahinian from Hay Horizon TV and talks about the purpose and activities of PETAG Western Armenian immersion Summer Camp for Armenian youth ages 10 – 14. Also gives a brief overview about the organization and its mission.

Hamazkayin USA announces Petag, a Western Armenian immersion experience

PHILADELPHIA, Penn. – After two years of virtual summer camp, Hamazkayin is excited to announce its first ever in-person Western Armenian immersion experience for Armenian youth aged 10–14 years old from August 5 through August 19.



Hamazkayin’s Petag is a unique summer Western Armenian immersion for Armenian youth ages 10 – 14, which aims to have fun learning Armenian all through real conversation during interactive workshops, games, mealtime, and play time, all while speaking Armenian! 

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